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Caspian Tradition
Caspian Tradition
Caspian Tradition
Caspian Tradition
Caspian Tradition
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Welcome to Caspian Tradition

A Belgian company based in Waterloo, Caspian Tradition makes a point of negotiating caviar-producing countries from around the world.

The company has all the authorisations required in its line of business (such as a B- VE 5526 -EC number, European accreditation and a HACCP system) plus a specific laboratory to oversee the preparation and packaging of its products.

State of the art laboratory

In a class of its own in Belgium, the 1000 m² laboratory, from a new equipment in 2012, has formed part of the Caspian Tradition facilities and, without a shadow of a doubt, boasts the best there is in terms of hygiene and performance:

Several double-door chambers, double-door refrigerators, work rooms and cold storage rooms (minus three degrees), all complying with the toughest European rules, allow the company to possess the certification for AutoControl System Guide 32 from the Ministry of Health.

One of the finest in Europe, this type of infrastructure is perfect for facing up to the very many hygiene inspections Caspian Tradition willingly agrees to.

Apart from these inspections alternating with those undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Health, Caspian Tradition relies on the services of an accredited private consultant to take numerous samples microbiological or chemical for analyses. The services of renowned organisations, such as the Pasteur Institute, are also called upon, and other very stringent audits are regularly performed at the request of certain customers.