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  • Tobikko - Flying Fish
  • Salmon eggs
  • Trout eggs
  • Harus - Herring eggs
  • Black or Red Lumpfish eggs
  • King Crab
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Saffron
  • Truffels - Morille
  • Pistachio & Pine nuts
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Tobikko - Flying Fish eggs

Tobikko is the Japanese name for flying fish roes, from the species Cypselurus spp. Derived in 5 colors, including the most famous green, which has the distinction of being flavoured with wasabi, a condiment often used in Japanese cooking. The other colours are red, orange, gold and black, due to colourings used to brighten the natural color.

Scientific name: CYPSELURUS SPP

Origin: Iceland

Ingredients: Flying fish roes 90%, salt, mirin, taste enhancer: soya sauce (water, soya seeds, wheat, salt), Japanese rice vinegar, bonite extract (dried bonite powder, glucose, taste enhancer: succinate disodium and inosinate disodium, dried sea kelp powder), colour [varying according to the colour]. The tobikko flavoured with wasabo also contains: wasabi powder 1.4%.

  • Packaging: Boxes of 12 jars of 80g, Boxes of 6 jars of 400g
  • State : pasteurised
  • BBD : 6 months
  • Storage temperature: max +4 C
Salmon eggs

Sourced chiefly from Alaska, our salmon caviar is from the "Chum no. 1" or "Keta" species. Salmon caviar is prized for its color, ranging from pale to bright orange, as well as for its subtle but intense flavor, to delight discerning gourmets everywhere. The entire import process is controlled in order to guarantee that salmon caviar products are always of the same flawless quality. The packaging is customized for each client by our laboratory in Waterloo.

Scientific name: ONCORHYNCHUS KETA

Origin: ALASKA - USA

Ingredients:Salmon (fish) eggs 96.5 %, salt

  • Packaging:
  • Boxes of 12 jars of 50g
  • Boxes of 12 jars of 100g
  • Boxes of 6 jars of 500g
  • State: pasteurised
  • BBD: 6 months

Storage temperature: max +4°C

Trout eggs

We select our trout caviar from the most rigorous worldwide farms. Trout caviar is characterised chiefly by its translucid color, subtle fragrance and fresh, refined flavor.


Origin : France

Ingredients :oeufs de truite , sel

Raw material:

  • Packaging: 3 kg plastic bucket
  • Condition: frozen
  • Use-by date: 18 months

Finished product:

  • Packaging: variable
  • Condition: pasteurised (semi-preserves)
  • Final date for keeping: 6 months
  • Holding temperature: : between 0°C and 4°C
    Do not freeze

Colour: translucent orange

Taste: fresh and delicately flavoured - pleasant tasting

Final packaging:

  • Vacuum-sealed glass jars:
    • 50 gr
    • 100 gr
    • 500 gr
    • 1000 gr
Harus - Herring eggs

Sourced in Spain, this product is made from herring roes, carefully prepared by the best experts in the field. The colour varies from dark grey to black and is characterized by a slightly smoky, lemony, and intense flavour, tailoured especially to meet the demands of our clients. Some producers also call this product "Avruga" or "Arenka" caviar.

Scientific name:CLUPEA HARENGUS

Origin : SPAIN

Ingredients: Micronisation of herring (fish) roes, salt, lemon juice, E401 (sodium alginate), E621 (monosodium glutamate), natural flavours, preservative E211 (sodium benzoate), colour: cuttlefish ink. Squid ink may be allergenic to some people.

Raw material:

  • Packaging: Boxes of 12 jars of 50gr
    Boxes of 12 jars of 100g
    Boxes of 6 jars of 500g
    Boxes of 6 jars of 950g
  • State : pasteurised
  • BBD: 6 months

Storage temperature: max +6° C

Black or Red Lumpfish eggs

The roes are sourced from lumpfish, of the species Cyclopterus Lumpus, growing in the natural environment, mainly around Iceland. Lumpfish roe comes in two varieties - red or black. The colour is obtained by colouring agents. For an impeccable product, the eggs must be firm and the colourings of prime quality.


Origin: ICELAND or Denmark

Ingredients: Lumpfish roe (fish) 82%, water, salt, stabilizer (E413), colorants [varying according to the colour], citric acid (E330), benzoate (E211), spices. The colours E102, E110 and E124 may have harmful effects on children's activity and attention.

Packaging : pasteurised (semi-preserves)

  • Boxes of 12 jars of 50gr
  • Boxes of 12 jars of 100g
  • Boxes of 6 jars of 500g

State: pasteurised

BBD: 6 months

Storage temperature: max. +6° C

King Crab


King crab, our company's flagship product as far as crustaceans are concerned, is sourced from Russia and Norway (Kamchatka coasts) or Alaska. This delicacy can weigh up to 15 kg and be up to 2 metres long. The King Crab's thick and firm flesh makes a delicious meal.

The product is packaged to make it easy for consumers to use, with packaging appropriate to its size and weight. Available raw or boiled, we cut our clusters in single legs, claws, propodus/merus with the possibility to split.


Smoked Salmon

The salmons come from the Atlantic Ocean on the Norwegian and Scottish coasts. A selection of freshness, size and firmness of the meat is made by our specialists on site. Arrived in Brussels, the pieces go to the smoking room according to our unique recipe, tested and approved by gourmets. Available whole or hand sliced, possibly on boards of 100 and 200g.

As well as smoked sturgeon guaranteed to stimulate your taste buds, we also offer:

  • smoked salmon from Norway
  • smoked salmon from Scotland
  • smoked salmon from Ireland


The world's most expensive spice, saffron from Iran is derived from the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus Linnaeus, which flowers once a year. Harvested early in the morning, the stigmas are carefully plucked by hand, then dried, tested, stored then packaged in high-barrier good quality materials so the product does not lose any of its unique and exquisite flavour by the time it reaches the consumer.

Available in filaments or powder and under various packaging. We also offer numerous other delicious spices such as vanilla from Madagascar, Tonka beans, etc.

Scientific name:CROCUS SATIVUS

Origin : IRAN

Harvesting district: KHORASAN

Ingredients: Selection of saffron stigmas = "Targhol"

State of the product: Dry and delicate

Storage: in a dry, dark place

BBD: 2 years


The truffle, known as the "black diamond", is a subterranean edible fungus that is harvested mostly in winter. Three conditions have to be met to ensure the optimum development of the truffle: a chalky soil, a Mediterranean climate and a host tree. The truffle is most commonly associated with the roots of oak trees but the level of production is uncertain, varying from one year to another.

The truffle is undeniably the jewel in the crown and the most symbolic of French gourmet products, lending a unique flavour to fine culinary skills.

Over the seasons, truffles are available in brushed and extra quality. White, black, summer or winter, a simple phone call can provide information about the availability of this product with so refined taste. Our range also includes mushrooms such as morels, porcini and chanterelles in dehydrated or frozen bags.

Summer truffle

Scientific name:MELANOSPORUM

Origin : France or Italy, subject to availability

Storage: ambient temperature in a dry place

ambient temperature in a dry place:fresh

Weight: variable

Packaging: Glass jar

Winter truffle

Packaging: Glass jar

Colour: Black

Pistachios & Pine nuts

Our green pistachios, picked on the Pistacia vera L. shrub, are imported directly from Iran, known for producing the best pistachios. Formerly referred to as Almond of Persia, they are sold in different forms, depending on your consumption preferences.

Pine nuts

The sprockets are contained in the cones, fruits from the parasol pine, recognizable by its form. The number of nuts needed to reach the weight of 1kg determines their size and, consequently, their price.

Foie Gras and Terrines

Our goose and duck foie gras, as well as duck breasts, are imported every week from Hungary. They are available raw or prepared, in pot or towel. Our terrine range also offers a wide selection, from fish to meat. We can sell them in slides, which are cut and vacuum made in our laboratory from Brussels according to customer demand.

Our specialties: Duck foie gras "au torchon" (poached and rolled),


Ingredients: goose liver, nitrite salt, pepper, spices

Format: 60 mm, cylinder

Weight: +/- 1000 g

Packaging: cloth muslin closed at the ends by 1 red and white string, vacuum-sealed plastic bag

Storage: + 4°C

Use-by date: 21 days


Ingredients: duck liver, nitrite salt, pepper, spices, Porto

Format: 60 mm, round

Weight: +/- 1000 g

Packaging: cloth muslin closed at the ends by 1 red and white string, vacuum-sealed plastic bag

Storage: + 4°C

Use-by date: 21 days

Asia products

Taking a shareholder since 2009 with the German company JIK GmbH Asian Food (Japanese Import Kurier) based in Dusseldorf, Caspian Tradition has added to his articles a very wide range of Asian products. From rice or other pasta ravioli to wasabi, through the inevitable soy sauce, your creations can be decorated with our fish eggs to surprise your guests.