Fish farms

Caviar, which is also called the "Golden Pearl", was one of the most expensive natural foodstuffs in the world and has always been considered the most exclusives of all foods. It is composed of unfertilized sturgeon eggs. Today, these are produced worldwide. Since 2009, following the decision of the body CITES to ban wild fishing destined for export, in order to preserve these prehistoric species, the production and quality of farmed caviar have continued to increase and improve.

After being scrupulously selected by us in the country of origin, the sturgeon caviar is tested and packaged by experts from our Waterloo laboratory to guarantee impeccable and unrivalled quality.

Our farmed caviars come from the best farms worldwide that accept our process. This includes the presence of our Iranian specialists in their production chain, to achieve our own recipes. We encourage caviars of different species and origins, according to our rigorous selection criteria.

Our company's twin core values are environmental conservation and sustainable development, which guarantees only the finest and purest products.


Production steps