Opening & Test

The same excitement is felt every time an original tin is opened, even though Mr. Razavi has already made an initial selection with the suppliers.

The sight of the caviar in an original tin is always a visual and olfactory delight.

A sublime moment is spent testing the caviar: appreciating the fragrance, the size of the egg, its transparency, colour, the fine skin, the texture, its oil content and, of course, its flavour.



Strictly speaking, the products are prepared and packaged according to the needs of our customers and the type of packaging required. Precise movements, an experienced eye, discernment, the person in charge of packaging has to be both fast and accurate.

Caviar does not like being exposed to the air. The tin it is placed in is firmly pressed to remove any air that could oxidise it. The tin it is either put in a vacuum machine, or is firmly pressed to remove any air that could oxidise it. The tin is then sealed with a natural rubber band. This offers further protection and can be used to feature various items of information, such as the type of caviar, the packaging and the batch N°.



The Waterloo laboratory sets the best example there is in terms of packaging procedures. Moreover, the entire system is geared to guarantee product traceability, one of Caspian Tradition's key concerns.

Thanks to a stringent handling process, where each operational stage is recorded in a reference guide plus a high-performance IT system, each batch may be easily identified by its reference number. Similarly, each tin features the information required to tell the batch it belongs to. The information is amplified by the labelling featuring the quality, the weight and the accreditation number together with the registration. All of these items are used to identify the product genealogy.

Original Tins

Original tin

The packaging of small tins is done with the content of a single original box from 1 to 1.8kg so that the taste is as similar as possible for the same client.



The small tins are left to rest in the refrigerator for a while, so the contents can stabilise before being packed in the room intended for this purpose.



Deliveries are made with our own trucks equipped with 2 compartments: refrigerator and freezer, each equipped with recording sensors to ensure the cold chain up to the receipt of the goods to the customer.